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conetik ('k&net·ik) is ndreasdescended from the skies in the year 2209. after a short period of time, they got tired of the company of androids, and went back in time to 1999. they found the world a wretched place, and according to plan, began making music for a new breed of humans. living as dandys, or dear i say, playboys, their utmost goal is spreading their alien genes and thus gain total world dominion (translated from some alien language).
- "the book of conetik (2210, author unknown),
- "Are you conekted? (1999, B. Konekt (ed.))"
- "When I ruled the Universe (1878, N.N)."

conetik is:

  • _andreas - electronic stuff
  • conektor - computer organics
  • stain - not-so-electronic
  • &%/%( - noise
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Dead End      Released: 03-10-19
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1. dead end
2. erratic
3. dead end (Panzermix)
4. straight & narrow
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