About us at angelProductions

angelProductions (aP) is an independent record label with the purpose of both releasing and promoting bands and concerts within the electronic area. From synthpop to crossover, we mainly work as a recordcompany but also as a publisher for most of the artists.
We always looking for new contacts for distribution throughout the world.
Most of our releases are available for licensing and sub-publishing.
The Crew of aP:
Tom kalstad: Label Manager. Grunder of aP. tom@angel.no
Hasse Mattsson:
Distribution and bands.
Jonas Mattsson: Webmaster
Alex Jarlev: Studio/producer. alex@angel.no
Lars Madsen: Promotion and bands. lars@angel.no

With a crew like this, angelProductions is able to not only sign and promote artists, but contribute with producing and recording as well. Almost everyone mentioned above, plays in their own bands, something that makes working in aP interesting and educational.

Please contact us. Demos are always welcome.